1. Features + Functionality

Balancing timeless style, versatility, and functionality, each convertible weekender conceals two full suits and fits two pairs of shoes without compromising any space for packing clothes and toiletries.

And yes, they're TSA carry-on size approved!

Each bag is constructed from the following materials, sourced locally in NYC's Garment District:

  • 100% waterproof heavy canvas outer shell
  • Soft and durable cotton lining
  • Smooth and breathable inner garment pocket lining
  • Sturdy 100% waterproof shoe-pocket lining
  • Solid metal hardware and main zipper
  • Color-coordinated side zippers for a seamless and discreet finish

2. Decisions, Decisions...

No two weekenders are alike.

Your weekender begins with a discussion about your personal style. Browse Instagram, Pinterest, magazines, your closet, and anywhere else for inspiration photos. The more detail you give me, the more uniquely you your bag will be!

Based on our conversation, I pull options for lining, handles, and hardware, and you then choose the following:

  • One of 20 outside colors (see color chart at bottom of page )
  • A patterned or solid-color cotton lining (as wild or conservative as you want it!)
  • A solid-color inner garment pocket lining
  • Solid metal hardware and main zipper in gold, antique brass, silver, or gunmetal
  • Solid or striped handles in an array of colors and designs*

*Leather handles available by request, and for an additional charge.

3. Pricing

Each custom weekender with non-leather handles is $445.00, and each custom weekender with leather handles is $495.00.

A deposit of 1/2 ($222.50 for bags with non-leather handles, or $247.50 for bags with leather handles) is due when we finalize your material selection, and the balance ($222.50 for bags with non-leather handles, or $247.50 for bags with leather handles) is due upon completion of the bag.

Venmo is preferred (@Tyler-Neasloney).

4. Production

Once we finalize materials and after an initial deposit of $222.50 for bags with non-leather handles, or $247.50 for bags with leather handles is received, your custom weekender will take between 2-4 weeks to produce.

After the balance of $222.50 for bags with non-leather handles, or $247.50 for bags with leather handles is received, your bag ships to you for free anywhere in the continental United States (Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada for an additional shipping charge).

5. Your Vision, Realized

Finally, your weekender is ready to hit the road!

You'll be amazed at how much you can pack away—in addition to concealing two suits and two pairs of shoes.

If your bag makes it into your travel photos—and let's be honest, who wouldn't want to show off their stunning travel companion?—please tag me on Instagram at @deartyler. I'd love to repost!

6. Care + Repair

Your weekender is crafted from durable fabrics and hardware made to withstand the standard wear of travel. It is also a handmade item and should be treated with care.

To extend the life of your weekender, you should:

  • Spot-clean this weekender with warm water as needed. Avoid using washing machines, dryers, and products that may bleach the bag or cause discoloration.
  • Store the weekender fully unzipped and folded flat. If it becomes wrinkled from storage or travel, lightly steam or iron the weekender on the lowest setting. High settings will damage the exterior.
  • When flying, bring the weekender as carry-on only. It is TSA-compliant for carry-on size, and checking the bag may damage hardware and zippers.
  • When zipping the weekender from its flattened state to its upright state, begin by zipping the center metal zipper. Then pinch each corner and gently zip the sides closed, making sure to fasten side hardware at the top. Avoid forcing the side zippers closed or open.
  • In the unlikely event you find a stray thread, clip it with scissors or nail clippers. Avoid pulling or yanking it out.

Durable as your bag is, accidents happen. If you rip or have any issues with your weekender,  please tell me so that I can check it out. I can't replace ripped, stained, or worn out weekenders, but if the damage is easily repairable, I'll be happy to see what I can do.